Acsenda College

Acsenda School of Management (ASM) is a private post-secondary with hands on education institution. ASM is located in the heart of vibrant Vancouver, Canada .We offer undergraduate degrees and diplomas related to business leading to professional pathways. ASM is focused on new ways for careers in business and management. Acsenda School of Management is recognized as an institution committed to teaching excellence. The quality assured programs in ASM prepares students to work in selected sectors of the global labour market.

We offer Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree. The BBA program includes different streams for specialization including international business management, marketing management, human resource management, accounting and a general management option. We offer the Bachelor of Hospitality Management (BHM) degree with international internships. The BHM program integrates business courses from the BBA with specialized courses in hospitality management to prepare graduates for management careers in the industry. Faculty members at ASM are well experienced in business field, in addition they have good academic and professional credentials related to the areas in which they teach. They know the students in their classes individually and are involved in supporting various student clubs and other activities outside of the classroom.

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