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Lakehead University is a public research university which has campuses in Thunder Bay and Orillia, Ontario, Canada. Dynamic and modern, and we highly concentrate on educating all of our students as valued leader of future, whose education and success are most paramount to our institution. We promise a blend of academic excellence and opportunity with a rich variety of social and recreational activities. We employ 319 full-time faculty and 1,850 staff, including 715 full-time positions.

Lakehead staff individually supports every student towards their academic success, through performing well in a program that matches their interests and aspirations, in such a way that it follows towards an exciting and successful career. As well, explore and enjoy the considerable flexibility we offer in study options and opportunities.

At Lakehead, we offer you over 57 fields of study to explore. If you are interested in choosing a traditional or unconventional path, a Lakehead education is your stepping stone to a bright future. We provide a comprehensive array of program options to discover what programs best fit the students goals.

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