NorQuest College (Edmonton / Alberta)

NorQuest College offers equal learning opportunities for all students. The strength of our education is to provide our learners to sharpen their skills and confidence to achieve success in their studies and make valuable contributions to society.

We follow a unique method which will provide students with their skills supportive and inclusive environment. We study our learners and provide various levels of education and assist them to their goals. We provide post-secondary diploma and certificate programs which offer careers in health, community studies, and business.

We increase demands of our economy through our various courses. We are proud to embrace diversity and honor inclusiveness. We provide access to adult education in Edmonton and the encircling region.

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  • 21 Jun Chandigarh. Venue : Landmark Office
  • 23 Jun Cochin. Venue : Landmark Office
  • 23 Jun Vadodara. Venue : Landmark office
  • 24 Jun Punjab. Venue : Hotel Kings Cliff
  • 29 Jun Ludhiana. Venue : Landmark Office
  • 30 Jun Moga. Venue : Landmark Office
  • 01 Jul Amritsar. Venue : Hotel HK clarks Inn
  • 02 Jul Jalandhar. Venue : Landmark Office
  • 04 Jul Vadodara. Venue : Landmark Office
  • 08 Jul Kochi. Venue : Landmark Office
  • 11 Jul Delhi. Venue : Landmark Office
  • 12 Jul Kochi. Venue : Landmark Office
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