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Stenberg College is a private college in Surrey, British Columbia, was originally established in 1990, which is committed to providing quality, industry-accredited education that is directly related to specific career paths. Our college provides a value-based organization that believes in high-quality education, student satisfaction and industry-relevant facilities. Our instructors and support staff are dedicated to ensuring a positive experience for all students.

Stenberg College believes that maximizing student success involves every aspect of the college and every position from Marketing and Admissions, Reception, Program Advisors, and Financial Services, to Instructors, Student Services, Alumni Services, Facilities and IT. We provide a variety of services and programs that facilitate student success in their programs of study, their chosen career paths, and in their personal and community life. We aim to take the lead in continual improvement in understanding student needs and developing resources, policies, procedures, activities and events, organizations to maximize student engagement and success.

We also provide many health care and human services programs that has a job employment rate of over 92% .Stenberg College focus in accredited career development programs in Nursing , Education and Health Care areas.

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  • 24 Feb Delhi. Venue : Landmark office
  • 24 Feb Application Day - Delhi, Chandigarh, Punjab, Gujarat and Kerala . Venue : Landmark office
  • 31 Mar Patiala. Venue : Hotel Mohan Continental
  • 01 Apr Ludhiana . Venue : Hotel A'
  • 02 Apr Amritsar. Venue : Hotel HK Clarks Inn
  • 03 Apr Jalandhar. Venue : Hotel Kings
  • 04 Apr Chandigarh. Venue : Hotel Aroma
  • 06 Apr Sangrur . Venue : Hotel Red Apple
  • 07 Apr Bathinda. Venue : Hotel Stella
  • 08 Apr Moga . Venue : Hotel Orbit Continental
  • 12 Apr Cochin. Venue : Hotel Gateway
  • 14 Apr Vadodara . Venue : Hotel Surya
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